Special Events

Vente de La Cause

Friday 23 March from 15h to 19h
Saturday 24 March from 10h to 17h.

Friday at 20h: Concert by the Chorale Huit de Choeur (Versailles) and Chor'al Air Liquide (Paris) with an octet of the Conservatoire de Paris 7ème, and soloists Santatra Harilalanjatovo and Charlotte Baillot. Conducted by Mata Zerbo.
Free admission

Saturday at 15h: Lecture with Nicole VRAY (historian) speaking on Protestant Women in 16th-18th Century Europe (in French).

La Cause, a Protestant Foundation in Paris, will have their annual fund-raising sale again at the American Church. The sale supports the various departments of the foundation, including a listening and braille library for the visually impaired, support of orphans through both adoption and "parrainage", and "Solos-Duos" which helps alleviate solitude for those left totally on their own.

You will find antiques, toys, collectible post cards, food, books and much more. There will also be a tombola and a delicious lunch served on Saturday. Learn more about La Cause at www.lacause.org