Chat, snack, listen, pray--COME! Join us for a time of fellowship, learning and peace. All women are invited to the women's fellowship, one Sunday a month 12h15-13h30 in the Thurber Room. Free childcare is available. For more information, contact the Women's Ministry

Below is a list of our dates, speakers and topics for the year. We hope to see you! God bless!

Sunday 11 June Come celebrate! Join us for a pot-luck lunch. We'll praise God, enjoy fellowship and focus on our blessings. All women are welcome; if you can't bring food to share, that's okay---come and share yourself with us!

  • September 11: Kristina Keenan, 'The Joys of Service'
  • October 16: Mary Hovind-Gay, 'Carry On—finding God's peace in the midst of trials'
  • November 20: Kim Ball, M.E. (Mindful Energy): My Journey of Faith, MS and Feeling Totally Embraced by Both.
  • December 11: Christmas festivities and caroling
  • January 22: Alexia Rabé, 'Seeking Peace through Music'
  • February 26: Teri Lee Valluy, 'Faith' (exceptionally in the library this Sunday)
  • March 19: Nicole Primmer, 'Faith Encounters of a New Kind'
  • April 22: annual women's retreat, led by Reverend Jill K. H. Geoffrion
  • May 14: Emily Chesley, Teachings from the Desert Fathers
  • June 11: End-of-year party and worship