ACP is proud to be hosting a mission trip to Deep Griha, India in February 2016. This is the second mission trip partnered between the Deep Griha Society and ACP where we will provide God’s love to the children and women of India. If you are young or old, with a called heart or skill to share, you are needed. Please contact: ACP Deep Griha Society Mission.

The Deep Griha Society is an independent charitable organization that focuses on the nutrition and education programs, including: Child, Youth & Women Empowerment; Medical & Health Care; Disha (HIV/AIDS awareness); and Rural Empowerment. It works to better the lives of people living in the slums of Pune, India's 7th largest city, situated about 160km from Mumbai. For more information visit: and

We would like to update about:

  • our commissioning on 14 February at 13H30 (invitation to pray together, to send us)
  • Deep Griha new need of donations for water shortage in their well (see picture) (invitation to donate, to pray for God's providence)

Pray for the upcoming mission trip to India, that the ACP team will be safe and able to witness Christ's Truth. Pray for the Deep Griha Society; may the Lord provide and bless this mission, both those who serve and are served.


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About the Deep Griha Society

In 1975, medical practioner Dr. Neela Onawale and her husband Rev. Bhaskar Onawale started a one-room clinic to treat the residents of Pune’s marginalized community. With the help of likeminded friends, Deep Griha Society began operations in July that year, and within a further two years, was serving more than 100 people a day.

From treating patients, Dr. Onwale quickly realized that many of the medical conditions affecting the slum community were caused by malnutrition and lack of education. As a result, she began programmes to support community members, as well as to educate them on how to maintain good health.

Since 1975, Deep Griha has constantly expanded and adapted its services to empower the disadvantaged community through support and education, giving people the skills and confidence and they need to improve their lives.

Over these 40 years, Deep Griha has developed a strong rapport with the community by ensuring that community members have a platform to participate in the initiation and development of programmes. This ensures that programmes are relevant and valued by the community. Deep Griha’s field workers are present in community every day to follow up with participants and ensure their opinions and experiences are fed back to the Deep Griha’s decision makers.

One of our aims is to always ensure that our funds are spent where they are most needed. With this in mind we have been responsive to the changing needs of the community, and to the work other organisations so we can avoid duplicating services.

Video from ACP's first mission to the Deep Griha Society