Children's Worship at the American Church in Paris strives be a welcoming, inclusive environment in which children meet Jesus, grow together in His love, and are made to feel that they are full, participating members of the Body of Christ.

We invite all children ages 3-11 to participate in Children's Worship each Sunday at the 11h and 14h services of the American Church. On French public school holidays, we continue to offer KidZone, a less formal version of Children’s Worship, during service times. If you would like your child to participate in these programs, please register him or her here.

Here at ACP, we call our time with our youngest disciples "Children's Worship" for a reason: although children may approach worship differently than adults, their worship matters to God, and it matters to us. Although Children’s Worship reflects the structure of the worship service that occurs in ACP’s main sanctuary, it is done so in a manner that honors the unique ways that children have of approaching God and His Word. The children are engaged in the biblical narrative and meaningful liturgy through prayer, music, storytelling, art, games, movement, fellowship, and age-appropriate discussion.

Children’s Worship strives for inclusiveness. We welcome all children regardless of their spoken language, denominational background, or level of ability. Because God has blessed all human beings with unique skills and talents, we engage children in the classroom using a variety of learning styles so that all children feel that the stories of God are easily accessible to them. If your child requires one-on-one adult attention in a classroom setting, a Worship Buddy (volunteer adult or youth aide) can be provided; please contact our director for more information.

Children’s Worship also sponsors Family Ministry Events throughout the year including social functions, our annual Christmas pageant, family service opportunities, and our annual Vacation Bible School. More information about these events is provided in weekly parent emails sent by our director. To make sure that you are receiving these updates, please ensure that your child is registered for Children’s Worship so that the director has access to your contact information.

Our programs would not be possible without the participation of our dedicated team of adult and youth worship leaders. We offer flexible scheduling options for volunteer participation, so please prayerfully consider whether God is calling you to serve in this ministry.

For more information, or to express an interest in becoming a Children’s Worship leader, please contact Allison Wheeler, Director of Children’s Ministry.