Creation Care at ACP

Creation Care at ACP

European Interfaith Campaign for Creation

European Interfaith Campaign for Creation

European Interfaith Campaign for Creation

Climate Reflection, Prayer, and Action – 2021

In October, the newly launched European Interfaith Campaign for Creation took steps to address the creation crisis--including Climate Sunday-themed services, watch parties, and eco-challenges. The members of the campaign so far are the American Church in Paris, the Quakers of France, Kehilat Gesher, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Paris, American International Church in London, and 0.6 Planet. See photos here and news article here.

The campaign set out its beliefs in a shared statement and committed to a shared ritual of prayer and light at creation-themed events in October.

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Paris held their Climate Sunday on Oct. 17, and issued a list of eco-challenges for the following 5 weeks, to be discussed on Zoom on Thursdays. On Oct. they held a Zoom Watch Party devoted to the climate justice film, “The Wisdom to Survive,” by Anne Macksoud. The umbrella organization, European Unitarian Universalists, added the statement and ritual for climate justice to the worship service at their virtual semi-annual retreat on Oct. 31.

ACP and American International Church in London sponsored Climate Sunday services on Oct. 31. Go to for more on those events. ACP also held a Zoom event about life in an eco-village with 0.6 Planet on Nov. 2 (see the replay here).

The Quakers of France devoted a time of reflection and prayer at their Meeting for Worship on Oct. 31, and sponsored talks by well-known activists Terry Waite and Bruce Kent, as well as workshops on eco-responsibility and combating climate change—all as part of their annual Meeting outside Bordeaux.

The European Interfaith Climate Campaign won’t end in 2021. As people of God, we plan to continue to collaborate and commit to radical change. Are you interested in joining the campaign? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Life in an Ecovillage - 2 November 2021 - Replay

ACP members Monica Bassett and Lionel Montoliu, founders of 0.6 Planet, left their life in Paris to start a French ecovillage in the Dordogne, where they have drastically cut their consumption.  In a world where many seek bigger lives, find out why this couple believe it is important to reduce their footprint and live lighter. They are also helping to sprout other similar communities in Europe.

Climate Sunday 2021

On 31 October 2021, ACP held its first Climate Sunday (see bulletin here), as part of the biggest ecumenical Christian movement for climate justice, counting about 2,000 churches from 40 denominations in the U.K. calling on governments to act on climate.  See photos here.

You’ll notice prayer boats made by ACP kids, an activity sponsored by the Young Christian Climate Network in a pilgrimage for climate justice. Furthermore, ACP broadened the movement to invite especially faith communities in Paris and our sister churches in the AFCU, creating the European Interfaith Campaign for Creation, which aims to respond to the climate crisis as people of God.

Plus, ACP hosted a Zoom talk on 2 November 2021, featuring ACP members Monica Bassett and Lionel Montoliu, about their new life in an ecovillage in Dordogne and founders of 0.6 Planet. See the replay below. And, ACP’s movie group watched and discussed the biopic ‘‘I am Greta,’’ as part of its picks for October.

Are you interested in promoting creation care with ACP or the European Interfaith Campaign for Creation? Sign up here or reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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