Wednesday Evening Learning at ACP
Begins Wednesday 9 September

The Enneagram Journey runs from every Wednesday 9 September – 25 November at 19h30-21h30 via Zoom

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Enneagram Journey

Join us via Zoom as we study the Enneagram – an ancient spiritual development tool developed by the Christian desert fathers and mothers. The Enneagram unleashes the potential to understand ourselves and others more fully – ie. what inspires us, what challenges us, what can help us to build healthy relationship to others, what can nurture our personal and corporate walk with God.

As we gather for the Enneagram Journey you will surely receive solid grounding in the basic concepts of the Enneagram, but even more, we trust you'll discover spiritual growth and transformation in surprising and wonderful ways. This is why we plan to make the journey together; because transformation and spiritual development is most effective when it's done in relation to others.


Each evening begins with a 45 minute video presentation focused on a particular aspect of the Enneagram. Following the video presentation, there will be time for questions and clarification, and then small group discussion focused on what we have heard and learned. You will also be invited to spend time on your own throughout the course of each week to reflect on your own personal identity as it relates to the Enneagram.

This journey requires a steady commitment to being a part of the group throughout the autumn but it will surely yield invaluable fruit in your life as you grow to understand your true self, and the true identity of others. (Please note, we cannot accommodate phone in Zoom. Each participant must have access to video feed.)

The Enneagram Journey will be hosted by Pastors Doug and Jodi. If you are interested in registering for the journey Click here. Upon registration you will receive additional information via email that will enable you to fully participate.