From Racial Literacy to Racial Healing
Tuesday 16 February at 19h30 via Zoom.

George Floyd’s tortuous murder on 25 May, under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer, captured on video, made it possible for millions of us to see this act of inhumanity “right before our own eyes.” Witnessing this act of violence has stirred the hearts and minds of “good people” who never before felt compelled to be part of the solution to racial violence and inequity. In cities all around the world, people have taken to their local streets calling for racial justice. If you are one of those “good people,” who has suddenly awakened to the reality of life for non-white people and are now looking for opportunities to learn, to evolve and to act in ways that move society along the continuum towards equality, equity, dignity, reparation and justice for all people, I invite you to step up and step out on your own journey in “Racial Literacy to Racial Healing.”

The invitation is ours as Christians, to explore our faith and prayer in order to heal racially as White people and Black people! On 16 February, we will travel together. After our interactive session, you will have an opportunity to continue working through a series of curated articles and questionnaires on-line.

Kathleen Dameron has dedicated her life to learning, personal development, and spiritual growth. She is a coach / facilitator between the White & the Black, and working across national cultures. Paris has been her home for 40 years. For 25 of these years, she led KD CONSEIL, a multicultural training and coaching firm serving Europe, China, India, and the US. She has often worked as the “only” Black in the room, except when she worked in Africa. She has deep experience and competency facilitating different cultures to work together in multinational companies and in executive MBA programs.

Since her childhood, she has been committed to studying, to personal development, and to spiritual growth. This is a watershed moment in human history. We truly have the opportunity to create a world of Justice, Equality, Dignity and Inclusion for all races. She wants to contribute her gifts to creating this world.