"Love your neighbor as yourself." Matthew 22:39, Mark 12:31

Jesus explained that anyone, everyone is our neighbor. We are called to care about not just people we know but all people everywhere. This is the second greatest commandment, one we strive to fulfill at ACP. Furthering this goal, ACP supports various missions in numerous ways. The Mission Outreach Committee (MOC) is a group of laypeople who manage the church's mission budget, increase awareness of needs and opportunities to help, and provide prayer, financial and in-person support to both local and international missions. Prayers are always needed. If you'd like to get involved in other ways or would like more information, please contact the Mission Outreach Committee.



ACP supports the following missions.

Friday Mission Lunch Ministry     In partnership with the American Cathedral, volunteers provide meals to those in need.
Wednesday Sandwich Ministry   Every Saturday, ACP Young Adults distribute food to the homeless in Paris through the Breakfast and Sandwich Ministries.
Serve the City Paris   Started at ACP and now is a NGO in Paris with over 2,500 volunteers This mission provides food for the homeless, training to help with refugees find work, language training and integration events.
Prison Mission   Volunteers attend church services with inmates in Paris prisons, to share in worship and translation.
The Living Truth Foundation   A prison ministry in southern Ghana, helping spread the word of God and Christianity in the prisons.
Rafiki Village   Orphanage and school, conducts teacher training,and supports community development.
Deep Griha   Programs to care for orphaned and destitute children of the slums and women’s empowerment.
100 Night Refugee Shelter Program   Program to provide shelter in the ACP gym for refugees and the homeless of Paris, throughout the cold winter months.
Program TIEO   A 4 week course to help refugees find work, integrate in France and stay optimistic and positive.
JRS France   A France Association who provides homes with French families to refugees and who also sends refugees to the ACP for the Shelter program.
The Welcome Dinner project   Program that supports integration by arranging dinners between refugees and ACP members at ACP or member's homes.
Kabubu   Program that supports integration by playing sports (football and basketball in the ACP gym) between refugees, ACP young adults.
The DK-Bell Company (Dk-bell.com)   A performance arts mission teaching underprivileged kids and handicap individuals how to dance and express their emotions.
Foyer de Grenelle   A Christian-inspired center providing meals, employment assistance, French lessons, and legal help for immigrants.
Danica Jurisic Computer classes   Instructor Danica Jurisic to provide weekly computer classes for refugees and minors in an ACP classroom.
Excellence Computer Technology Center   Program in Ghana for training young african children how to use technology and computers.
Every Child is a Gem   Organization that provides refugee children with support (shelter, food, chothing).
Agapé Street   Agape Paris works with young people, volunteers and staff members to serve the youth of Paris through service and outreach.
SOS Help   An English language telephone crisis line - Help trains their own volunteers.
Réseau des exilés en France – REF   A NGO that provides legal aid and Translation for refugees. Also Arabic and French training.
Petit Dej Solidaires   A collective in paris providing food, clothing and toiletry items to young refugees.
Be Our Eyes, Jordan Foundation   A mission with the ACP Young Adults to help with médical treatments to blind kids who have been rejected by parents and the society.
Hope for Uganda   Mothers of Preschoolers) partners with a Teen MOPS group in Kampala, Uganda, educating young mothers and their children and providing
them with support.


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