"Love your neighbor as yourself." Matthew 22:39, Mark 12:31

Jesus explained that anyone, everyone is our neighbor. We are called to care about not just people we know but all people everywhere. This is the second greatest commandment, one we strive to fulfill at ACP. Furthering this goal, ACP supports various missions in numerous ways. The Mission Outreach Committee (MOC) is a group of laypeople who manage the church's mission budget, increase awareness of needs and opportunities to help, and provide prayer, financial and in-person support to both local and international missions. Prayers are always needed. If you'd like to get involved in other ways or would like more information, please contact the Mission Outreach Committee.


ACP supports local missions and ministries: Saturday Homeless Breakfast/Lunch Ministry, Friday Mission Lunch, Foyer de Grenelle, Refugee Ministry, Paris Prison Ministry, Tiffany Musica, Love in a Box, SOS Help, Serve the City Paris, The 100 Night ACP Refugee Shelter Program, Refugee Task Force, Kabubu, and JRS France.

ACP supports international missions and ministries: Cameroon Presbyterian Church, Excellence Computer Technology Center (Ghana), The Living Truth Foundation Ministry (Ghana), The Rafiki Foundation (across Africa), The King's Garden Children's Home (Philippines), and Deep Griha Society (India).


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