A Parent's Guide to Social Media

Adam McLane, Co-Author of A Parent’s Guide to Social Media says: “Delete Snapchat!” Adam McLane declared war on Snapchat in a blog post and the public is responding. His post, Why You Should Delete Snapchat received nearly 4 million views drawing national media attention, requests for interviews, and invitations to speak at public schools across the country.

Adam McLane is a leading voice and authority on teen culture, social media, and youth work. More than a “presentation,” The Six Healthy Habits of Social Media equips teenagers, teachers, and parents with language and facilitates healthy dialog on the issue. Speaking from a place of knowledge and experience, not fear and judgment,

Adam brings a healthy, balanced, positive approach to using Social Media. He knows firsthand that connecting with teenagers takes patience, persistence, transparency—and a little of creativity. When Adam McLane engages students, families, and schools, he has one purpose in mind: to create a positive environment that encourages communication, equips parents and teachers, and educates teens. His unique events bring together adults and teenagers in an open and honest discussion on the realities and dangers of life in a digitally-connected world.

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