The Global Education Experience will offer a wonderful presentation helping parents better understand the timeline, challenges and best practices for applying to Anglophone universities around the world.

A 45-minute time of Questions & Answers will follow the presentation.

This is usually a charged event, but ACP Youth is offering this free of charge and hope you can benefit from this opportunity.  Open to all.
ACP Parent Forum Jan 26

Global Education Experience- Presentation 26 January 2014

The Presentation

The presentation by Global Education Experience, a Paris-based educational counseling company, will help students and their parents better understand the timeline, challenges, and best practices for applying to Anglophone universities around the world. The first hour of the session will feature a presentation, primarily about the U.S. and U.K. application systems. The second hour will be a Q&A for parents to have their most pressing questions answered.

Presenter Profiles

Sebastian is a passionate and experienced writer who, until recently, worked for The American University of Paris, first as a recruitment coordinator and then as the Online Communications Manager, before accepting a position as a Communications Officer at the OECD in 2014. Sebastian works directly with students on developing their personal statements and helps prepare them for potential interviews.

Joumana is a multilingual international education pecialist, counselor, and higher education consultant based in Paris, France. She found her passion for educational counseling in her work as a Senior Admissions Counselor at The American University of Paris. In 2012 Joumana co-founded Global Education Experience, and educational counseling company in Paris that assists families in choosing and applying to schools and universities. Joumana's specialties are educational counseling, university research and choices and application management.

The Company

Global Education Experience is a private educational consulting company based in Paris, France. Their motivated and dynamic team is specialized in the field of international education and can assist you and your son or daughter with the process of choosing and applying to the right university and program.

They work directly with the family to find the most suitable program based on the student's profile. All of their services are personalized and adapted to each student and their family. They believe in a hands-on approach and work closely with the student, family, and school to create a positive and successful admissions experience.