A Parent's Guide to Social Media

Workshop led by Denise Dampierre

Do you ever feel like communication between you and your child just does not connect? You say something and ... nothing. Zero response. Aggggh! Might your teens think the same thing about communicating with you?!

Many times when we "converse" with our children, parents do most of the talking. The Family Annual Review from Home Is Fun provides a positive moment when children express sensitive topics in positive and encouraging ways. They share one appreciation about Mom and Dad and one idea about something new.

In our parent workshop, we will help you introduce this rich, meaningful, and vibrant discussion into your home in a simple and positive way. Background information here and here.

Having lived her childhood in Paris, Denise Dampierre returned to the City of Light after completing her MBA at Harvard to work for Lancôme in marketing. Eight years, a French husband, and two sons later she left the company to work on other interests. She now has 4 sons and is passionate about strengthening family relationships, having created her blog Home Is Fun (www.home-is-fun.com) to encourage parents.

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